In celebration of Jon Frum Art Foundation’s 1 year anniversary, Matt Miller is opening his studio to the public as part of the Brooklyn art group S.O.N.Y.A (south of the navy yard artists) for their 11th annual 2-day studio stroll. This Saturday and Sunday, 15th & 16th May, 12-6pm, rain hail, or shine. The event is completely free and a downloadable map and previews of the artworks are available at

Among other work, Matt Miller will exhibit a 120 component painting installation called "Skull", where individual 4 x 5 in. sections will be available for sale for $50.00 each.
Visitors to the space will become a part of a process of re-abstracton of the larger painting "Skull". As the individual parts are claimed, the process of disintigration will be photo documented and later animated, re-inventing the way we look at the audiences’ role in painting. The choices the visitors make and luck will determine the sequence in which the painting devolves and re-manifests itself elsewhere in its new isolated configurations. Visitor/Collaborators will be provided with a mapped out image of "Skull". The map will indicate the position their selected pieces were located in the larger grid, giving the visitor the option to install the individual chosen work(s) in the position they originally occupied in the whole.

This two-day event will be streaming live on the net via the Jon Frum Website. Follow the link to FRUM TV/U Stream

Those who are unable to purchase works in person can go to the Jon Frum Art Foundation website. Works can be viewed LIVE and purchased online, we accept credit cards via pay pal.
For any questions regarding the exhibition, please call or email either Matt Miller
or Jon Frum Art Foundation, details below.
: Dates: May 15 & 16 2010
: Time: 12-6pm
: Location: 66 Washington Ave Brooklyn New York 11205
: Contact: Matt Miller @ the Studio 917 297 7765
Jon Frum Art Foundation 646 895 6368