Jon Frum Art Foundation traces its genesis to Sydney College of the Arts in 2001.
The core group at that time was C.C. Ross-Smith, Nicholas Pike and Nikola Knezevic.
The tightness of the group as a whole comes paradoxically from the cultural diversity of its members which in many ways epitomises the best of the Modern Australian Social Model with Sydney, "The Geneva of the Tropics" at its centre.

In 2008, Australian artists Tamara Mendels and Nicholas Pike moved to Brooklyn, New York to set up the Jon Frum Art Foundation (JFAF). The Foundation supports emerging and established artists from all over the world by providing them with a platform to exhibit and create artwork in one of the world’s biggest art centres.

Focusing primarily on the work of Australian emerging artists, JFAF yielded a great response from the US audience and was invited to participate at the Miami Art Fair in 2009.

Since its conception, JFAF has produced numerous solo and group exhibitions, presentations, performances and residencies, and in 2010 a second space was set up in Downtown Los Angeles where it continues to promote radical artwork.

After seeing the enthusiasm from American audiences and a willingness from local communities to be involved on our mission, JFAF realised the need for this mode of support to be established in Australia. JFAF don’t charge or “own” artists, rather nurture artists every step of the way to enhancing and establishing their careers.

Now in 2011, Jon Frum Art Foundation has teamed up with established Sydney curator Robert Lake and will present an exciting new model of art exhibition practice, 2020 (twenty art openings in twenty consecutive days), to be held at Damien Minton Annex Space, Redfern in October of this year. 2020 will be made up of local and international emerging artists and JFAF know the Sydney art community will be most enthused by this art tournament.